When it comes to internal and external calls in an organization, the PABX system is an basic  part of the business infrastructure PABX or telephone system allows different contact points within the business circle to communicate with one another through a secure private line. PABX or telephone system allows those same contact points to branch out to an external line for communication. PABX system is for internal intercom calls within the office, department or group.

Our Products

Brands we offer under our IP PABX or Telephone systems is NEC SL2100 & SV9100 & All models of Panasonic PABX systems. IP PABX or Telephone system Installation network includes a PBX system that can be mounted on a rack for efficient system organization. Display phones, desk and PC-based IP phone units and call conferencing.

NEC SL2100 & SV9100 VOIP Spherical PABX system installation is compatible with industry-standard servers, which means PABX system integration can be done without upgrading or modifying your existing data network and hardware. With this PABX network, your company can benefit from a unified communications platform that is easy to incorporate into the existing operational programme. The result is a value-added technical infrastructure that produces increased productivity and efficiency.

VOIP PABX or Telephone Office Systems

A PABX installation is a system that automates telephone switching within a private network. In a typical corporate setup, a company uses phone lines to handle incoming and outgoing telephone calls. In this kind of setup, the phone carrier is given the task of managing the different lines, with the different lines all leading to a multiple-line unit managed by a live operator. This particular setup allows external calls to enter the private network via a singular contact point, and it also permits extension units to communicate with one another internally.

PABX system installation and data network cabling, supply of required patch panel, cabinets and all equipments related to structured cabling for the offices and institutions.

PABX/Telephone system Installation

PABX/Telephone system, with the added flexibility of automated call receiving and transferring. This kind of system can accommodate the utilization of live personnel to receive and transfer incoming calls to their respective internal contact points. PABX/Telephone systems are capable of connecting one internal unit with another without the help of a live operator. We carry out  installation in UAE, Dubai.

PABX/Telephone system installation can facilitate faster communication through programmable speed dialling features. Programmable call re directing is one of the strongest suits of a IP PABX/Telephone system installation.


Zetek Communications LLC has committed professional technical team for the installation of the security systems in Dubai, UAE. We have the technical professionals and industry experience to perform the installation of a PABX or telephone system within any industry including CAT6 cabling, its termination and installation. Whether you are looking for small size for a start-up company or medium or large sized system, we are here to help you.

We have a strong backbone of product availability and a fully qualified technical team to carry out projects of any size. Our profile encompasses the following activities: Design, Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning, Training, Maintenance. We carry of supply of CAT6 cables and required accessories, creating complete system network for system operation.


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